Prevention is better than cure. We have all heard about it, we all probably believe in it and we all wish we had acted on it.

As a dentist, I have heard of it and believe in it, but I act on it on a daily basis.

I cherish the role of an educator as well as of a dentist. I believe with the right information, delivered in the right environment with the right emphasis, great results can be achieved.

I regularly explain to my child patients the importance of teeth cleaning, diet, dental check-ups and hygiene products. I see most of them following these instructions and enjoying healthy teeth and short dental visits. I remember treating my patients when they were children and now are grown up with little or no dental problems.

At times I also see children who do not follow the advice. If I see these children on a regular basis, I get the support from parents and try to work in a way which brings more compliance. However, I still treat many young adults who did not follow the instructions and they require fillings, root canal treatments and dental extractions.

I can clearly see the benefits of preventive care in my daily working life.

I urge the parents and tell the children to keep teeth clean, use fluoride tooth paste, avoid sugary drinks and eat less sweets if they want to have healthy teeth.