Myth 1
Root canal treatment is very painful.

As a matter of fact, the root canal treatment relieves pain and treats the infected tooth. Most patients remember the painful tooth which resulted in receiving root canal treatment but they forget the immediate pain relief as a result of root canal treatment

Myth 2
Dental extractions are very painful.

It is not possible for any dentist to carry out a tooth removal when the patient is not fully anaesthetized ( numb).A tooth can only be removed when the area is totally numb.

Myth 3
Once the tooth ache is gone the dental problem is gone

Fortunately, after the sever episode of tooth ache it may be the case that tooth will not give you the same intensity of pain again but the dental disease is not gone unless it is treated by the dentist.

Dental Fillings are for life?

Dental fillings are done to last for many years, but they are not for life. Most dental fillings will last a very long time, but we are seeing more and more problems with white fillings and silver fillings. The main reason is the weak junction between the filling and the remaining tooth structure.
More on this in future…