Special Offers

Dental Implants

The costs can vary depending on many different criteria and your dental situation.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction could be daunting but our dentists and nurses take this into account.

Fee Guide

Hygiene visit for 30 minutes £65
Stain removal for up to 45 minutes from £80
Periodontal treatment session from £150
Surgical Gum treatment including laser treatment £700 per side of the jaw
Gum graft up to two teeth £400
Small white filling from £60
Medium white filling from £80
Large white filling from £100
Silver fillings from £40 to £65
Teeth Whitening and Bleaching
Home Whitening Ki £350
In office and Home Whitening Combo £500
Laboratory Restorations
Acrylic Upper or Lower Denture from £475
Chrome Cobalt Upper or Lower Denture from £600
Porcelain Crown/ onlay /inlay from £425
Gold Inlay or Gold Crown from £400 + price of gold
Aesthetic Veneer from £550
Root Canal Therapy
Incisors RCT from £300 to £450
Premolars RCT from £400 to £550
Molars RCT from£500 to £700
Tooth Extractions
Simple Extraction £100
Surgical Extraction from £175
Wisdom Tooth Extraction from £200
Sedation Session (*plus treatment) from £150
Facial Aesthetic Treatments
2 areas from £220
3 areas from £299
Hands from £400
Underarms from £400
Neo-Vampire Facial Rejuvenation from £250 minimum 3 sessions
Fillers per syringe from £300
Laser Skin Tag Removal from £99
Dental Implants
Single implant with crown from 1800
Single implant crown from £350 to £900
Bone augmentation from £195 to £395 per tooth
Same-day-teeth (where possible) from £800 per tooth excluding implant cost
Teeth Straightening Fees
Fee per jaw from £1000