Oral Health Consultation

The dental consultation is an important element of your total oral health. When you schedule a dental appointment with us, we sit down with you and discuss any issues or concerns you may have, helping to establish your oral health program. We start by assessing your total oral health and looking at existing conditions and finding solutions to treat them. We also screen for signs of oral cancer. We provide a deeper understanding of the best way

to maintain your oral care. A dental visit is a great time to ask questions and learn how to create a healthy mouth.

There are lots of things that can lead to tooth decay. Many of these are things that you can quickly change and improve. So your dentist is going to look at a range of things, including: do you drink a lot of fizzy drinks or eat sweets; do you have good saliva flow; and do you take any medication that may be affecting your dental health.

During a comprehensive oral health consultation, your gums will be carefully and individually examined to spot any signs of gum disease. This is particularly important if you have risk factors for gum disease such as: smoking, diabetes, poor oral hygiene habits etc.

Dental radiographs help detect disease in and around teeth. We will discuss the need for radiographs with you and decide if your oral health will benefit from it.